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HELP SHOWLIB                                  Updated A.Sloman Dec 1986

    showlib <filename>

SHOWLIB is both a Pop11 *MACRO and a VED command, for reading program
library files into a VED buffer. They can then be examined, or copied,
or the file renamed to become an editable file belonging to the user.

To Pop11 type:

    showlib <filename>

To VED type:

    <ENTER> showlib <filename> <RETURN>

For example, the file HELP *SAVE describes a simple Pop11 library
program to run a procedure and save anu printout in a file. The program
itself can be examined using the command:

    showlib save;

As with files examined using *HELP, *TEACH, etc you will be able to make
changes to the file while it is in VED, but will not be able to write
them to disk.

If you wish to keep a copy of the file, called 'mysave.p' which you can
then edit and save on disk, do

    <ENTER> name mysave.p

SHOWLIB can be used to examine any program which you can load using the
*LIB or *USES commands, as it uses the same list of directories to
search for an appropriate file, namely *POPUSESLIST.

-- Examining Lisp and Prolog library files -----------------------------

The PROLOG and Common LISP subsystems have their own versions of
SHOWLIB, using essentially the same mechanism but with different search
lists for the library files.

-- Finding the names of library files that match a given word ----------

If you can't quite remember the name of a library file, you can use the

    <ENTER> showlibs <word>

to get a list of all the library files whose name include <word>. See
HELP *SHOWLIBS for more details.

-- See also ------------------------------------------------------------

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HELP *DOCUMENTATION - an overview of means of accessing documentation
HELP *LIBFILES   - for a summary of library facilities in Pop11
HELP *LIB        - on the command for loading library files
HELP *USES       - on the command for autoloading library files
                 - on library search lists
HELP *AUTOLOAD   - on the automatic compilation of files
HELP *INITIAL    - on initialising search lists, logical names, etc.
HELP *INITIAL.EX/popuseslist
HELP *VEDSYSFILE - the mechanism used by showlib

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