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HELP POPAUTOLIST                                  John Williams, May 1990

The global variable POPAUTOLIST contains a list of directory names used
by the POP11 autoloading mechanism.

POPAUTOLIST should not be confused with *POPUSESLIST, which is a list of
directories used by the commands *LIB, *USES, and *SHOWLIB (for loading
libraries explicitly). See HELP * POPUSESLIST.

Each item in POPAUTOLIST must be of one of the following types:

    a string:
        this is taken to be a directory name

    a list:
        this should be of the same format as POPAUTOLIST and will be
        scanned left to right

    a procedure:
        this is used by *SYSLIBCOMPILE to find a file in a manner
        determined by the user

    an identifier:
        its idval should be a string, procedure, or list in the format
        of POPAUTOLIST

The default value of POPAUTOLIST is something like:


Users may add directory names to this list, in order to have their own
procedures autoloaded. See HELP * INITIAL.

Autoloading is explained in more detail in HELP * AUTOLOAD.

The POP11 library facilities are described in REF * LIBRARY.

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--- Copyright University of Sussex 1991. All rights reserved. ----------