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HELP LIB                                                 Aaron Sloman, Jan 82

    lib <filename>;

The LIB command is used for loading library files, e.g.

    lib grammar;

causes the grammar program to be loaded. Some library programs are extensions
to the POP-11 system and are loaded automatically. For example, when you use
the syntax word FOREACH the library file which defines it is loaded by the
system, unless you have previously used the word in the current session.

It is best not to include a LIB command in a file of your own which you are
going to load frequently (e.g. using ENTER X in VED), since that will force
the library program to be loaded every time. Rather, use the LIB command ONCE
before you start work on your file.

If you are using VED and want to load a library file without leaving VED, you
can give the VED command

    ENTER lib <filename>

The *USES macro can be used to ensure that a library file is loaded, without
risk of its being loaded more than once.

The LIB and USES commands look for files in the directories listed in the
variable *POPUSESLIST, which you can alter.

See also
HELP *LIBRARIES  - for a summary of library facilities in POP-11
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