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HELP POPUSESLIST                                 John Williams, May 1990

The global variable POPUSESLIST contains a list of directory names used
by the commands *LIB, *USES, and *SHOWLIB, for loading and examining
library files.

POPUSESLIST should not be confused with *POPAUTOLIST, which is a list of
directories used by the autoloading mechanism. See HELP * POPAUTOLIST and

POPUSESLIST should be a list of the same format as *POPAUTOLIST (q.v.).

The default value of POPUSESLIST is something like:

    [^(ident popautolist)

The presence of <ident popautolist> ensures that POPUSESLIST is always a
superset of POPAUTOLIST, i.e. changes to POPAUTOLIST are automatically
"transmitted" to POPUSESLIST.

Users may add directory names to this list, in order to make their own
libraries accessible via any of the following commands: *USES, *LOADLIB,

Autoloading is explained in more detail in HELP * AUTOLOAD.

The POP11 library facilities are described in REF * LIBRARY.

--- C.all/help/popuseslist
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1991. All rights reserved. ----------