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HELP LOADLIB                              Rosalind Barrett, January 1986

    loadlib(<word | string>);

The Pop11 procedure -loadlib- takes one argument, a word or a string.
-loadlib- turns the argument into a string and adds the suffix '.p' to
it if it was not provided. It then searches the directories in
POPUSESLIST for a library file of that name. It if finds one, it
compiles it. If the search fails -loadlib- produces the MISHAP message

This procedure is useful if you are writing a program that will compile
libraries but you do not know at the time of writing what the particular
files will be.

See also

HELP *LIBRARIES     - for a summary of library facilities in Pop11
HELP *POPAUTOLIST   - holds list of directories for AUTOLOAD to access
HELP *LIB           - command for loading library files
HELP *USES          - on the command for autoloading library files
HELP *AUTOLOAD      - on the automatic compilation of files
HELP *SHOWLIB       - on the use of SHOWLIB to display library files

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