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HELP LIBRARIES                                    Aaron Sloman, May 1990

See REF *LIBRARY for full information on Poplog program library
mechanisms and HELP *VEDSYSFILE for the documentation library mechanism.

See HELP *LIBFILES for an overview of the libraries provided by Poplog.

Some libraries are "autoloadable" (i.e. loaded automatically when
required), the rest must be loaded explicitly. The commands *LIB and
*USES are available for this purpose.

Autoloading is discussed in HELP *AUTOLOAD.

Libraries may be examined with with the *SHOWLIB command, in or out of

Poplog's library mechanisms make extensive use of "search lists" (lists
of library directory names). See HELP *SEARCH_LISTS.

The standard search list for autoloadable libraries is kept in the
variable *POPAUTOLIST. The variable *POPUSESLIST points to a larger
search list, that includes non-autoloadable libraries as well.

See HELP *INITIAL for information on tailoring the standard search

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