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HELP COMPILE                                      Fran Evelyn, July 985

    compile(<character-repeater | word | string | device>)

COMPILE takes one argument. This can be:

1) A character repeater. If this is the case, the stream of characters
returned by the repeater is compiled until the terminator character
*TERMIN is produced. Thus:


will cause input to be compiled from the user's terminal until the user
types the "end of file" character (<CTRL> D on Unix machines; <CTRL> Z
on VMS).

2) A word or a string. If this is the case, the word or string is taken
to be a file name and the specified file is compiled (by first applying
*DISCIN to the file name to produce a character repeater). If the
argument is a word, DISCIN appends the string POP_DEFAULT_TYPE to create
a string. E.g. given the word "foo" it might create the file name
'foo.p', '', 'foo.lsp' or '' depending on the value of

3) A *DEVICE. If this is the case, DISCIN is called to produce a
character repeater for the device, and the resulting input stream is

During a call of COMPILE, the variable *CUCHARIN holds the character
repeater currently being compiled. Once the character repeater has been
obtained, COMPILE need only do:


to  compile the file (or whatever).

If the *PDPROPS of CUCHARIN is a string, then that string is assumed to
be the name of the file being compiled, and assigned by COMPILE to the
variable POPFILENAME. This file name is displayed if a *MISHAP occurs
while compiling the file. DISCIN ensures that the PDPROPS of the
character repeater it returns is the name of the appropriate file.

See also:

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