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HELP TERMIN                                         Steven Hardy, October 1977

This constant holds a special object (of dataword TERMIN) used by character
repeaters and item repeaters (see HELP *INCHARITEM) to indicate the end of a
stream. For example, when a character repeater (e.g. *DISCIN) has reached
the end of a file, its result is not a character code but TERMIN.

TERMIN is also used by a procedure to which *PDTOLIST has been applied to
indicate the end of the resulting dynamic list.

For further details of input/output procedures, see REF *CHARIO, REF *SYSIO.

See also HELP
    *COMPILE - for compiler procedures (which also use TERMIN)
    *CHARIN  - for another example of a character repeater
    *PDTOLIST - on creating dynamic lists