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HELP LOAD                                           Steve Hardy, October 1981

    load <filename>;

This command tells the POP-11 system to read (or 'compile') a file from
long-term memory. The file must have been created earlier with VED.

Note that -load- is a syntax word, not a procedure, it reads the literal
text up to the end of line, a semi-colon, or the end of the current
input stream, whichever is found first, makes a string of all the
characters so found, and plants instructions in which that string is
given as argument to -compile-. It also plants a call to the
user-definable procedure -loadwarning-, which by default prints out a
message saying that the file is being loaded.

See also
HELP *COMPILE   - Invokes the Pop-11 compiler
HELP *AUTOLOAD  - on the automatic compilation of files
HELP *ECHOLOAD  - 'echoes' to the terminal while loading a file
HELP *INITIAL   - on initializing the POP system
HELP *LOADLIB   - a procedure to load library files
REF  *LIBRARIES - for a summary of library facilities

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