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HELP SYSRESTOREINCR                          Steven Hardy, March 1982
                                             Updated A.S. May 1986


This procedure restores all the structures saved with *SYSSAVEINCR in
<file>. Any words that were in the dictionary at the time of saving are
restored to the dictionary (if not already there), their *VALOFs and
*IDENTPROPS being set to their saved values. Any system words explicitly
saved also have their *VALOFs and *IDENTPROPS restored.

If the <boolean> argument is present then instead of producing a mishap
a boolean result is returned in the following circumstances: If
<boolean> is FALSE, no mishap will occur if <file> does not exist. If it
is TRUE, then no mishap will occur in this case or when <file> does not
match the current value of POP_SYSTEM_VERSION (see REF *SYSUTIL for
further details).


    [1 2 3 4] -> x;

Later if POP-11 is run again this can be restored as follows:

    x =>
    ** [1 2 3 4]

In this example SYSRESTOREINCR restores the file called 'x.psi', i.e.
the word "x" and the list it contains: the word x is also restored to the
dictionary, as if it had been declared as a variable.

See also
HELP *SYSSAVEINCR - saves part of the state of the system
HELP *SYSSAVE     - on saving the state of the system in a file
HELP *SYSRESTORE  - restores the system to its saved state