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HELP SYSSAVEINCR                                             A.Sloman, Nov 1983


Saves in <file> all structures that can traced from <item>, i.e. <item>, all
structures that <item> references, all structures that those structures
reference, and so on. However, although references TO any structure which is
part of the system are saved, anything referenced BY that system structure
will not be saved. Thus, for example, if *CUCHAROUT has been given a
particular value, this value will not be saved.

To obviate this problem, if <item> is a list then the following happens:
<item> and all structures traceable from it will be saved, but in addition,
the *VALOFs and *IDENTPROPS of any system words occurring in <item> will also
be saved. Thus every system word required to be saved must be mentioned
explicitly in the list <item>.


    [1 2 3 4] -> x;

saves the word X and the list it contains in a file called x.psi.

<file> may be either a word or a string: if a word, '.psi' is appended.

See also
HELP *SYSRESTOREINCR - restores all structures saved with *SYSSAVEINCR
HELP *SYSSAVE        - on saving the state of the system in a file
HELP *SYSRESTORE     - restores the system to its saved state