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HELP SYSRESTORE                                 Steven Hardy, March 1982

    sysrestore(<file>, <boolean>)

This procedure restores the POP-11 system to the state which it was in
at the time the <file> was created with *SYSSAVE or SYS_LOCK_SYSTEM. The
standard files (such as *POPDEVIN, *POPDEVOUT and *POPDEVERR) are NOT
restored nor are the values of the variables *POPARGLIST, *POPPID or
*POPUSERNAME, all of which remain as they were prior to the call of

If <boolean> is set to FALSE, no mishap will occur if <file> does not
exist. If it is set to TRUE, then no mishap will occur in this case or
when <file> does not match the current value of POP_SYSTEM_VERSION (see
REF *SYSTEM for further details).

<file> may be a string or a word; in the latter case '.psv' is appended.

See also
    HELP *SYSSAVE        - on saving the state of the system in a file
    HELP *PARAMETERS     - on running POP-11 with parameters
    REF  *SYSTEM        - for details of SYS_LOCK_SYSTEM

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