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HELP DIFF                                                  J. Cunningham
                                              Updated A.Sloman June 1991

    <ENTER> diff

This procedure searches down the file in the current window and that in
the 'other' window, starting in both cases from the current line,
comparing lines until either a pair of differing lines is found or the
end_of_file is reached. A message is displayed, announcing whether a
difference has been found or not. If a difference is found, then the
command 'nextsame' is put on the command line. If this command is then
obeyed (e.g. by pressing the REDO key) it finds the next line where
the two files are the same. For details see HELP * VED_NEXTSAME.

The command

    <ENTER> nextdiff

is similar to DIFF, but before beginning steps each file down one line.

    <ENTER> cdiff
Is like DIFF, but ignores 'white space' that is spaces, tabs and
newlines. It is somewhat slower than DIFF

See also

HELP * DIRED - for browsing files matching a pattern.

HELP *SYSDIRECTORY - to return the name of, or update, the current directory
HELP *PURGE - a file-purging facility in VED
HELP *CD    - a POP-11 macro for changing directories
HELP *DIR   - for listing the current directory within VED
HELP *CMP - also compares files (currently local to Sussex)

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--- Copyright University of Sussex 1991. All rights reserved. ----------