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HELP CD                                              A. Sloman, Nov 1986

Change Directory in POP-11 or VED

One way to change the current working directory is to assign a new
string to it. The POP-11 macro CD and the VED command <ENTER> CD provide
more convenient syntax.

-- The POP-11 command CD ----------------------------------------------
is followed by a directory name and terminated by a newline, as in:

    cd foo/baz

will move to subdirectory baz of subdirectory foo of the current
directory. This is equivalent to:

    'foo/baz' -> current_directory

and to

    current_directory dir_>< 'foo/baz' -> current_directory

(Since 'dir_><' concatenates strings to form valid file names.)

CD is defined as a macro in POP11. It would not be possible to change the
current directory by giving a SHELL or DCL command such as

    $cd foo/baz

since that would merely change the working directory of the sub-process
executing that command.

-- The VED command <ENTER> cd -----------------------------------------
can be used in VED to change the current directory, for example:

    <ENTER> cd foo/baz

See also
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