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HELP DIR                                         John Williams, Nov 1992

    <ENTER> dir <options> <filenames>

<ENTER> DIR provides a VED interface to the DCL "DIRECTORY" command, for
listing directories.

The output from <ENTER> DIR is displayed in a temporary VED buffer, with
a name something like "/tmp/ved_dir2x1969".

You can use all the standard DCL options to the DIRECTORY command, for
example, the command

    <ENTER> dir/size/date [.foo]

will list all the files in the directory [.FOO], including the size of
each file in blocks, and the date at which the file was last modified.

The full set of options for the DIRECTORY command are described in the
VMS help file for DIRECTORY, which you can read without leaving Poplog
by doing <ENTER> $HELP DIR.

Please note that the <ENTER> DIR command is only available on VMS-based
Poplog systems. The Unix equivalent is <ENTER> LS.

Related Documentation

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HELP * PURGE            VED utility for purging and deleting files

LIB * VED_DIR           Source code for the <ENTER> DIR command

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