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HELP VED_NOPROMPTS                                      Tom Khabaza,
                                                        June 1990.

<ENTER> noprompts

The 'noprompts' command removes vvedpromptchar from the current file in
ved.  This is useful in conjunction with ved's "immediate mode".  See

In immediate mode, ved inserts an invisible character (ascii 160, stored
in the variable -vvedpromptchar-) into the file to mark the end of each
prompt.  These characters remain in a file even if it is written to disk
and then read back into ved.

The presence of the vvedpromptchar character in a file can have two
undesirable side-effects:  Firstly, the text forming part of a prompt,
that is preceding -vvedpromptchar- on a line, cannot be edited (ved
produces the message 'INSIDE PROMPT').  Secondly, this character
produces unpredictable behaviour with some printers.

Because of these side-effects, it is advisable to remove all instances
of -vvedpromptchar- from a file which has been created using immediate
mode before performing normal editing or printing it.  This removal is
performed by the ved command 'noprompts', which operates on the current
file only.

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