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HELP SYSCLOSE                                       Steven Hardy, March 1982

    sysclose(<device record>)

This procedure closes a *DEVICE. Note that this is usually unnecessary as all
garbage-collected device records are closed automatically, as are all devices
on system exit.

If a file is created using *DISCOUT then it will be closed if you try to
output *TERMIN to it. This is the easiest way to close a file opened for

If a file is opened for reading, using *DISCIN, it will be closed when you
have read to the end, i.e. after TERMIN is produced.

For more information on Input/Output procedures see REF SYSIO.

See also HELP
    *SYSOPEN   - returns a device record for an existing disc file
    *SYSCREATE - creates a disc file and returns a device record for the file
    *SYSDELETE - deletes a specified disc file
    *SYSREAD   - reads from a specified device