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HELP FROZVAL                                         Steven Hardy, January 78

    frozval(<frozen_value_number>,<closure>) -> <argument>;

This procedure (and its updater) access the arguments frozen into procedure
closures.  FROZVAL takes two arguments:
1) a number specifying which frozen argument (numbering from the left) is to
   be accessed and
2) the procedure closure.

Try the following:

    define add3(x,y,z); x + y + z enddefine;
    vars add; add3(%5,6%) -> add;
    add3(4,5,6) =>
    add(4) =>
    frozval(1,add), frozval(2,add) =>
    10 -> frozval(1,add);
    add(4) =>
    [purple] <> frozval(1,iscolour) -> frozval(1,iscolour);

See also
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