HELP VED_WINDOW                                 Adrian Howard, June 1991
                                        Revised: Jason Handby, July 1991

    <ENTER> window [N]
    <ENTER> window next NAME VALUE [NAME VALUE]...
    <ENTER> window default NAME VALUE [NAME VALUE]...

Simple interface to changing XVed window attributes.

This command is used to set attributes of VED windows. In terminal
versions of VED, only the first form of the command is available.

The first form of the command sets the length of the current window to N
lines. eg.

    window 20

will change the size of the window to 20 lines. If N is the "?"
character then the current size of the window will be reported on the
status line. If N is absent the window size is set to the current value
of -vedstartwindow- (ie, half the size of the screen).

Note: When the terminal screen is split to display two buffers, this
command will not automatically change the size of the other buffer in
VED, which can cause strange side effects unless you change its size

The other forms of the command are used to alter the values of various
XVed window attributes. For example,

    <ENTER> window statusForeground white statusBackground black

sets the status line foreground colour to white and the status line
background colour to black in the current window.

Typing "next" or "default" just after the '<ENTER> window' command will
apply the changes to the -nextWindow- or the -defaultWindow- instead of
the -currentWindow- (See REF *XVED for details). For example, to set the
default background for windows to blue, use:

    <ENTER> window default background blue

Replacing VALUE by the "?" character will report the current value of
the NAME attribute. For example, the following command will report the x
and y coordinates of the current window.

    <ENTER> window x ? y ?

Some useful attributes that you can change are:

    numRows         - length of the window in rows
    numColumns      - width of the window in columns
    foreground      - foreground colour
    background      - background colour
    font            - font used by the text of the window

An extended status line interface to XVed application and window
attributes can be found in HELP *VED_XVED

-- Related Documentation ----------------------------------------------

    REF *VED_WINDOW - Information on the normal VED -ved_window-.
    REF *XVED - Detailed overview of XVed

    HELP *VED_XVED - More complex status line interface to XVed resource

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