HELP VED_SAVEDEFAULTS                           Adrian Howard, June 1991

    <ENTER> savedefaults [filename]

Save XVed settings to an X resource database file.

NOTE: This command uses the 'xrdb' program (see MAN *XRDB) to edit and
load X resource database files. If you do not have then 'xrdb' program
available on your PATH then you will not be able to use this facility.

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 -- Overview
 -- <ENTER> savedefaults and "application" settings
 -- <ENTER> savedefaults and "defaultWindow" values
 -- Related Documentation

-- Overview -----------------------------------------------------------

The application and defaultWindow settings used in XVed can be saved in
a resource file. Restarting your XVed session will then restore these

The <ENTER> savedefaults command is a convenient way of saving your
settings into a resource file.

You can supply a filename to <ENTER> savedefaults. If no filename is
given then the settings are saved in the file specified by the
application value "ResourceFile" (which is '$HOME/.Xdefaults' by
default). Specifying a filename will automatically set the ResourceFile
setting to be the specified filename, so that future uses of <ENTER>
savedefaults will not require the filename argument.

-- <ENTER> savedefaults and "application" settings --------------------

All "application" settings are saved by <ENTER> savedefaults, and
restored when XVed is next run (see REF *XVED/Application Settings for

-- <ENTER> savedefaults and "defaultWindow" values --------------------

Any non-procedure "defaultWindow" values are saved by <ENTER>
savedefaults as "weak" resource bindings. This means that setting a
default value like this:

    'red' -> xved_value("defaultWindow", "foreground");

or using <ENTER> window:

    <ENTER> window default foreground red

and then using <ENTER> savedefaults will add the following line to your
resource database file:

    XVed*foreground: red

This will cause the windows to have a red foreground when XVed is
invoked in future.

Note that you can manually enter more specific resource specification
lines into your resource database, referring to file types or components

    XVed*ref*foreground: red

Default Window settings are not guaranteed to get loaded into the
"defaultWindow" table directly when you start XVed - instead the X
Toolkit is left to handle the defaults for windows where you do not
give a more specific value.

-- Related Documentation ----------------------------------------------

    REF *XVED - Detailed overview of XVed.

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