HELP SGIXVEDKEYS                                 Robert Duncan, Dec 1991

A guide to the default key bindings for XVed on SGI Iris and Indigo

-- INTRODUCTION -------------------------------------------------------

XVed will normally attempt to determine the type of keyboard it is
attached to and apply appropriate key bindings. The key bindings
specific to SGI Iris and Indigo console keyboards are provided in the
library LIB *VEDSGIXVEDKEYS which, in combination with the key bindings
in the source file SRC * VEDXVEDKEYS.P, give the key bindings used by
XVed on those consoles. This file gives a description of these bindings.

-- NOTATION -----------------------------------------------------------

The descriptions of the key bindings use the following notation:

    The single character generated by pressing the <CTRL> key and the
    "A" key simultaneously.

    ESC A
    The sequence of pressing and releasing the <ESCAPE> (ESC) key and
    then pressing the "A" key.

    The "X" key on the keypad (usually on the right hand side of the

    Function key N. The amount and name of function keys vary from
    keyboard to keyboard.

    The line-feed key.

    The back-space key.

    The delete or erase key.

    The normal cursor keys.

-- KEY BINDINGS -------------------------------------------------------

 Key         Function                                XVed Procedure
 ---         --------                                --------------

 UP          Move cursor up one screen               vedscreenup
 DOWN        Move cursor down one screen             vedscreendown
 LEFT        Move cursor to the left screen edge     vedscreenleft
 RIGHT       Move to the end of the text line        vedtextright

 ESC UP      Move to the top of the file             vedtopfile
 ESC DOWN    Move to the bottom of the file          vedendfile
 ESC LEFT    Move to start of text                   vedtextleft
 ESC RIGHT   Move to the right screen edge           vedscreenright

 KP-1        Move cursor south-west one char         vedchardownleft
 KP-2        Move cursor down one char               vedchardown
 KP-3        Move cursor south-east one char         vedchardownright
 KP-4        Move cursor left one char               vedcharleft
 KP-5        Acts as another ESCAPE key                   -
 KP-6        Move cursor right one char              vedcharright
 KP-7        Move cursor north-west one char         vedcharupleft
 KP-8        Move cursor up one char                 vedcharup
 KP-9        Move cursor north-east one char         vedcharupright

 ESC KP-1    Move cursor south-west several chars    vedchardownleft
 ESC KP-2    Move cursor down several lines          vedchardownlots
 ESC KP-3    Move cursor south-east several chars    vedchardownright
 ESC KP-4    Move cursor left several lines          vedcharleftlots
 ESC KP-6    Move cursor right several lines         vedcharrightlots
 ESC KP-7    Move cursor north-west several chars    vedcharupleft
 ESC KP-8    Move cursor up several lines            vedcharuplots
 ESC KP-9    Move cursor north-east several chars    vedcharupright

 KP-0        Move one word to the left               vedwordleft
 KP-.        Move one word to the right              vedwordright

 ENTER       Move to the status line                 vedenter
 KP-+        Switch between buffer and status line   vedstatusswitch
 KP--        Redo last command                       vedredocommand

 KP_/        Get help (defaults to ved_hkeys)        vedhelpkey
 ESC KP-/    Get help on the purpose of a key        ved_hkey

 KP-*        Compile the current line                vedloadline
 ESC KP-*    Compile the marked range                ved_lmr

 ^?          Delete char to left of the cursor       vedchardelete
 DEL         Delete char to left of the cursor       vedchardelete
 ^h          Delete char under cursor                veddotdelete
 BS          Delete char under cursor                veddotdelete

 PAGE UP     Move back one screen of text            vedprevscreen
 ESC PG UP   As PRIOR, but in last buffer used       ved_xup
 PAGE DOWN   Move forward one screen of text         vednextscreen
 ESC PG DWN  As NEXT, but in last buffer used        ved_xdn

 HOME        Move to the top of the file             vedtopfile
 END         Move to the end of the file             vedendfile

 ESC HOME    Move to start of marked range           vedmarkfind
 ESC END     Move to end of the marked range         vedendrange

 INSERT      Insert line above current line          vedlineabove
 ESC INSERT  Insert line below current line          vedlinebelow

 f1          Delete char under cursor                veddotdelete
 f2          Delete line to the left                 vedclearhead
 f3          Delete the whole line                   vedlinedelete
 f4          Delete line to the right                vedcleartail
 f5          Delete word to the left                 vedwordleftdelete
 f6          Delete word to the right                vedwordrightdelete

 f7          Mark start of a marked range            vedmarklo
 f8          Mark end of a marked range              vedmarkhi
 f9          Move a marked range                     ved_m
 f10         Copy a marked range                     ved_t

 f11         Push position on position stack         vedpushkey
 f12         Swap position with the top of stack     vedexchangeposition

 ESC f1      Refresh the screen                      vedrefresh

 ESC f2      Yank a word from -vvedworddump-         ved_yankw
 ESC f3      Yank a line from -vvedlinedump-         ved_yankl
 ESC f4      Yank a word from -vvedworddump-         ved_yankw
 ESC f5      Yank a word from -vvedworddump-         ved_yankw
 ESC f6      Yank a word from -vvedworddump-         ved_yankw

 ESC f7      Mark from the start of the file         ved_mbf
 ESC f8      Mark from the end of the file           ved_mef
 ESC f9      Move range in from last file            ved_mi
 ESC f10     Copy range in from last file            ved_ti

 ESC f11     Pop position from position stack        vedpopkey
 ESC f12     Clear the position stack                ved_cps

 ESC w       Toggle normal/double length window           -

-- RELATED DOCUMENTATION ----------------------------------------------

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HELP *VEDKEYS     - Default key bindings for all terminals

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--- Copyright University of Sussex 1993. All rights reserved. ----------