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TEACH YANK                                        Steve Hardy, November 1982

The VED command ENTER-YANK, which can be abbreviated to ENTER Y, is used to
move text around from place to place - even from one file to another. The
basic way it is used is to first mark the lines one is interested in moving.
See HELP MARK for details on how to do this. Then give the command ENTER-COPY.
This make a copy of the marked lines in a 'secret' place inside the editor.
Then move to the position where the new text is to go (it may be in another
file) and give the command ENTER-YANK. This tells VED to insert the saved
lines in at the given point.

There will now be TWO copies of the marked text. The original copy (say in a
TEACH file) and the newly created copy (say in a VED file). In fact, a third
copy will still exist in the secret place in the editor so a second
ENTER-YANK command can be given to get yet another copy of the lines!

There are a number of variations on the way YANK can be used. For example,
the ENTER-D command, which deletes the marked lines, also stores them in the
'secret' place ready for a subsequent ENTER-YANK. This is how the
MOVE-MARKED-RANGE command (F9 on VISUAL 200 terminals) works. In effect,
MOVE-MARKED-RANGE is equivalent to ENTER-D followed by ENTER-Y.

See HELP YANK for more details (including the name of the 'secret' place).