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=== ENLARGING THE EDIT WINDOW ========================================

Notice how, if you invoke this teach file while you are in the middle of
another, the previous file remains visible on the other half of the screen.

By now, you may be getting annoyed by the small amount of text displayed.
You can get the current window to expand to use the whole screen by pressing
first the key marked ESC (top left of keyboard) then the W key. (W for
"Window"). Try that now. Press each key in turn, with a firm tap.

If you type ESC-w again, then TEACH will revert to using just the bottom half
of the screen. The top half will be left unaltered. Try alternating between a
large and a small window.

Experiment with the SCREENUP and SCREENDOWN keys with the large window.

When you have finished reading this file you can tell TEACH that you want to
leave it permanently by pressing first the ESC key (top left) then Q.
Think of the sequence ESC Q as meaning QUIT THIS FILE.

When you quit a file, the 'editor' takes you back to the last file you were
looking at, i.e. it becomes visible on the screen. You will see the same text
as before.