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-- A QUICK WAY OF SWITCHING WINDOWS -----------------------------------

If you have been looking at two different files, like this file, and the one
you were looking at previously, then you can switch between them quickly by
giving an ESC x command. Try it a few times, i.e.

    Press: ESC       (i.e. the key marked 'ESC')
    Press 'x'

Notice how the cursor jumps from one window to another. It also tells you
(on the command line) how many lines there are in the file it jumps into.
Compare this with giving an ENTER teach command each time you want to switch
from one file to another. E.g.

    ENTER teach switchwindow

When you need to learn to switch between more than two files, try

    ENTER teach buffers

After you have had a little practice with ESC x, you can get rid of
this file by putting the cursor in this window, using ESC x, then typing

    ENTER q

to Quit this file. If you later forget what is in it, you can look at it
again by giving the command:

    ENTER teach switchwindow


--- C.all/teach/switchwindow -------------------------------------------
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1987. All rights reserved. ----------