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-- Further reading ----------------------------------------------------

    gives more practice in using readline, and shows how to
    build a toy interactive teaching program for arithmetic.

    gives more information about defining procedures.

TEACH MATCHES  explains the use of the matcher in more detail
TEACH MATCHES2 gives more information about the matcher.
HELP  MATCHES  gives a summary overview

TEACH LISTS and TEACH ARROW  give exercises in list processing.

TEACH WHYSYNTAX  explains why a grasp of syntax is required for
    understanding natural language.

    Gives an introduction to formal grammars and programs that
    analyse the structure of a sentence. This helps to explain
    why the pattern matching approach used by Eliza is not adequate
    in general.

The Pop-11 primer gives a lot more information on lists and the matcher.
You can browse it online with the command:
Finding things in it requires you to use the editor search mechanism.
In particular, Chapter 6 gives a lot of information about lists, and
Chapter 7 about the Pop-11 pattern matcher and database.

Depending on your installation, there may be a file called

TEACH LOCALINDEX  giving a list of locally produced teach files
TEACH INDEX summarises available teach files supplied with Poplog.

TEACH TEACHFILES gives an annotated list of available teach files
    supplied with Poplog

See also the Computers and Thought book by Sharples et al. (MIT Press)
You can learn from it how to go beyond Eliza to programs that use a
grammar and have a deeper understanding.