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REF WVED                                            John Gibson Dec 1992

     COPYRIGHT University of Sussex 1992. All Rights Reserved.

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  1   Overview

  2   Variables for Windowed Ved

  3   Manipulating Windows

  4   Window Parameters

1  Overview

This file describes variables and procedures used in windowed Ved,  i.e.
XVed. The procedures are redefined to behave appropriately when  using a
windowing system.

In the procedures below, a window argument currently stands for an  XVed
window structure.

2  Variables for Windowed Ved

These variables control the behaviour of windowed Ved (i.e. XVed).

vedusewindows -> word_or_false                         [active variable]
word_or_false -> vedusewindows
        This variable  controls whether  Ved uses  windows or  not;  the
        value of this cannot be  changed when there are files  currently
        being edited. Allowable values are

            Don't use windows. You can assign  this at any time in  XVed
            (and there are no current files).

            With XVed  loaded,  will  make  Ved  use  X  windows.  Calls
            xvedsetup if this  has not  already been  done.

vedwarpcontext -> list_or_bool                                [variable]
list_or_bool -> vedwarpcontext
        Controls the  contexts  in which  the  pointer and  input  focus
        should be  warped to  a file  window being  selected. Note  that
        warping  is   not  done   immediately;  rather,   the   variable
        wvedwindowchanged is  set true,  which causes  the  * vedprocess
        main loop to do the actual warping when control returns to it.

        vedwarpcontext can take the following values:

            No automatic  input warping.  Assigning this  globally  will
            produce counter-intuitive results, especially in  connection
            with  ved_rb,   vedswapfiles   (ESC  X   by   default)   and
            vedfileselect (ESC  e by  default).  false can  be  assigned
            locally in  procedures that  want to  decide for  themselves
            whether to  warp  the  pointer  or not.  If  they  do,  such
            procedures can assign true to wvedwindowchanged.

            Warp pointer and focus to current window whenever Ved  moves
            to a new window.

        A non-empty list of words
            The words  are taken  to be  procedure names  or event  type
            names, which if present, allow warping in the context of the
            relevant procedures. The allowable names are:

              Warp to window selected from vedfileselect full menu  (and
              do it immediately: don't wait for vedprocess).
              If this  is in  the  list then  the  input focus  will  be
              redirected to  the  "other" window  when  vedswapfiles  is
              Warp to base window when ved_pop is called or when exiting
              from vededit (e.g. via ved_pop, ved_q (if no files  left),
              or vedexit.
              If this is in the list then  when a Ved file is quit,  the
              input  focus  will  be  moved   to  the  next  window   in
              Warp to next window whenever ved_rb runs.
              Warp to Ved window when  entering or re-entering Ved  from
              the base window.

        NOTE: User-defined procedures  that manipulate  Ved buffers  may
        check whether other  words are  in the  list vedwarpcontext  and
        decide   on   that   basis    whether   to   assign   true    to
        wvedwindowchanged. For programs that may be running at the  same
        time as the user is working on some other window (e.g. ved_diff)
        it is best locally to assign false to vedwarpcontext to  prevent
        the mouse pointer suddenly being moved and input redirected.

wvedwindowchanged -> bool                                     [variable]
bool -> wvedwindowchanged
        Setting this variable true will  cause the vedprocess main  loop
        (the next time control  returns to it) to  warp the pointer  and
        the input focus to  wvedwindow, i.e. the  window of the  current
        file. This will also open the window if it is iconic.

wved_should_warp_mouse(keyword) -> bool             [procedure variable]
        This is the procedure that  uses the value of vedwarpcontext  to
        decide whether the mouse pointer should be warped when moving to
        a new  window.  keyword  is as  described  under  vedwarpcontext

wvedalwaysraise -> bool                                       [variable]
bool -> wvedalwaysraise
        If the value of  this variable is true,  Ved will try to  ensure
        that the window you are editing in is always fully visible.

wvedbreaktofit -> bool                                        [variable]
bool -> wvedbreaktofit
        If this variable is true, Ved will adjust vedlinemax so that the
        point at which lines  are broken is close  to the right edge  of
        the window you are editing in, whenever the window is resized.

3  Manipulating Windows

wved_open_window(window)                            [procedure variable]
        Opens (i.e. de-iconifies), the window specified by window.

wved_close_window(window)                           [procedure variable]
        Closes (i.e. iconifies) the window.

wved_raise_window(window)                           [procedure variable]
        Bring window specified by window to front of screen.

wved_set_input_focus(window)                        [procedure variable]
        Open and fully expose the window specified by window.

4  Window Parameters

wved_is_live_window(window) -> bool                 [procedure variable]
        Will return  true  if  the window  window  is  currently  alive,
        otherwise false.

wved_window_size(window) -> (width, height)         [procedure variable]
        Returns the width and  height of window.  For XVed windows  both
        values are in character cell  units (i.e. number of columns  and
        number of rows).

wved_window_label(window) -> string                 [procedure variable]
string -> wved_windowlabel(window)
        Examine or replace the label (in string) in the title stripe  of
        the window specified by window.

wved_icon_label(window) -> string                   [procedure variable]
string -> wved_icon_label(window)
        Examine or replace the label (in string) displayed in a window's

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