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  1   Version 14.5+ News
  2   Version 14.5 News

1  Version 14.5+ News

Jun 23 (Robert Duncan)
    Changes to the Motif XmText and XmTextField widget classes:

    --- Memory leaks associated with the procedures


        have been fixed

    --- New procedures added for Motif 1.2:


        These are documented in the Motif 1.2 Programmer's Reference

Apr 26 (Robert Duncan)
    Fixes to LIB * PROPSHEET:

    --- the attribute

            default = item

        in a field definition is now treated identically to the

            item -> propsheet_field_default(field)

        i.e., the item may be an identifier or procedure as well as a
        plain value, and will have converters, etc., applied as
        appropriate for the field

    --- the behaviour of propsheet_apply has been modified for fields
        which have an apply procedure set with propsheet_field_applier:
        the value parameter passed to the apply procedure is now the
        result of calling propsheet_field_value on the field; this
        ensures that the value is consistent with what is displayed to
        the user and has conversions already applied

Apr 14 (John Gibson)
    --- XptDeferApply is now an (obsolete) synonym for the new procedure
        * external_defer_apply. The latter is an autoloadable library,
        implemented differently from the old XptDeferApply:

        external_defer_apply uses sys_raise_signal to raise its
        procedure argument p as   an  asynchronous   trap, but
        specifying  that  p  be  blocked  inside external calls. Thus
        when inside external  calls, p is  queued, and will not be
        executed  until the  next interrupt  checkpoint encountered on
        returning from the outermost external call.

        The queueing of p also causes an implicit XptSetXtWakeup to be
        performed when inside a Toolkit callback; hence an explicit call
        of XptSetXtWakeup is no longer needed following

2  Version 14.5 News

Oct 08 (Jonathan Meyer)
    --- Added XptShellDeleteResponse, for specifying an action which is
        called when the user closes the window.

    --- Added XptResizeResponse, for specifying an action which is called
        when a widget is resized.

Jul 09 (Adrian Howard)
    --- * XptXrmValuePtr and * XptXrmValueList shadowclasses moved from

Jul 08 (Adrian Howard)
    --- * XptCheckXrmDatabase and * XptCheckValidValuePtr added to
        LIB * XPT_TYPECHECK. See REF * XPT_TYPECHECK for details.

Jul 07 (Adrian Howard)
    --- LIB * PROPSHEET now provides the procedure propsheet_field_number to
        return the index of a propsheet field.

        See TEACH * PROPSHEET/propsheet_field_number for details.

Jul 05 (Adrian Howard)
    --- * XDefaultColormapOfScreen, * XDefaultDepthOfScreen,
        * XScreenNumberOfScreen, and * XDefaultVisualOfScreen added to
        LIB * XPT_SCREENINFO (with associated "fast" procedures in LIB *

    --- * XAllocID now fixed. See REF * XlibMacros for details.

    --- * XptScreenPtrApply now also accepts "default_cmap" to return a
        screens default colormap, and "number" to return a screens
        numerical index. See REF * XPT_CLASSAPPLY for details.

    --- The following procedures have been added to LIB * XlibMacros:
            * XConnectionNumber       * XDisplayString
            * XRootWindow             * XDefaultDepth
            * XDefaultRootWindow      * XNextRequest
            * XDefaultGC              * XLastKnownRequestProcessed
            * XAllPlanes              * XScreenOfDisplay
            * XQLength                * XDefaultScreenOfDisplay
            * XDisplayWidth           * XVendorRelease
            * XDisplayHeight          * XImageByteOrder
            * XDisplayWidthMM         * XBitmapBitOrder
            * XDisplayHeightMM        * XBitmapPad
            * XDisplayPlanes          * XBitmapUnit
            * XScreenCount            * XDefaultScreen
            * XServerVendor           * XDefaultColormap
            * XProtocolVersion        * XDefaultVisual
            * XProtocolRevision       * XDisplayCells and
        See REF * XlibMacros for details.

Jun 30 (Adrian Howard)
    --- Fast versions of the procedures in LIB * XPT_SCREENINFO are now
        supplied in LIB * FAST_XPT_SCREENINFO (for details see

    --- LIB * XPT_SCREENINFO has been extended with the following

         #  * XCellsOfScreen
         #  * XMinCmapsOfScreen
         #  * XMaxCmapsOfScreen
         #  * XDoesSaveUnders
         #  * XDoesBackingStore
         #  * XEventMaskOfScreen

        LIB * FAST_XPT_SCREENINFO has the corresponding "fast_"
        procedures. See REF * XPT_SCREENINFO for full information.

    --- * XptDoesBackingStore supplies a more user friendly interface to
        * XDoesBackingStore

    --- * XptScreenPtrApply has been extended to provide information
        related to the new functions in LIB * XPT_SCREENINFO.

    --- * XtDatabase and * fast_XtDatabase added to LIB * XT_RESOURCE
        and LIB * FAST_XT_RESOURCE. These enable the resource database
        associated with a specified display to be accessed. See
        REF * XT_RESOURCE for details.

    --- Support for * XptXrmDatabase structure added. See:
         #  * XptImportXrmDatabase (REF * XPT_COERCE)
         #  * XptXrmDatabase (REF * XPT_XTYPES)

    --- Added * XVisualIDFromVisual (see REF * XVisuals.)

    --- Added missing visualid and killid fields to the
        * XStandardColormap structure (see REF * XColormaps.)

    --- Added * XSetRGBColormaps, * XGetRGBColormaps, and
        * ReleaseByFreeingColormap to LIB * XColormaps. See
        REF * XColormaps for full informations.

    --- * XptCheckScreenPtr now supplied in LIB * XPT_TYPECHECK for
        testing XptScreenPtr XptDescriptors.

Jun 18 (Adrian Howard)
    --- Only shell widgets now have destroy actions associated with
        them. Since the children cannot become garbage before their
        parents the destroy actions on non-shell widgets were redundant.

Apr 30 (John Gibson)
    --- From Version 14.22 of Poplog, XptWidgetSet is redundant (at
        least, for all the standard widget sets supported by Poplog).

             Widget Set Interfaces in REF * XT_LIBS

        for details of the new setup. The procedures XptLoadClass and
        XptLoadClassProc  are  replaced  by  the  (pseudo-exload) macros
        * XptLoadWidgetClass and * XptPopLoadProcedures respectively
        (described in  REF * XT_LIBS, Macros For Loading Procedures &

        XptWidgetSet and its  associated procedures  will (of  course)
        continue to operate as before.

        The change was necessary because the XptWidgetSet interface was
        not suitable for use with POPC object-module compilation, which
        requires that global structures such as widgetclasses and their
        associated procedures reside in specific identifiers, generated
        by specific files.

Nov 30 (Adrian Howard)
    --- The destruction of a display now causes all the widgets
        associated with a display to be destroyed before that display is
        closed. See XtCloseDisplay and XtDestroyApplicationContext for
        more information.

Nov 11 (Adrian Howard)
    --- New variable XptDefaultFallbackResources which allows you to
        specify fallback resources for XptDefaultDisplay. See
        *XptDefaultFallbackResources for more information.

Oct 13 (Adrian Howard)
    --- Two new procedures fast_XptWidgetOfObject and XptWidgetOfObject
        added. See REF *XT_WIDGETINFO *XptWidgetOfObject for more

Sep 22 (Adrian Howard)
    --- Improvements made to the XVed search and replace dialogs:
        o Buttons now grey out if there is nothing to search for.
        o Searches made by the user on the status line cause the
          fields in the dialog boxes to update.

    --- XtSetSensitive and fast_XtSetSensitive (see REF *XT_EVENT)
        now work

    --- The "New" and "Edit..." options on the PUI file tool now
        place appropriate VED commands on the status line

    --- Improvements made to LIB *PROPSHEET
        o A single identifier can now be linked to more than one
          PROPSHEET field.
        o Under Motif the insert cursor does not move when the
          contents of a text field are accessed.

Sep 14 (Adrian Howard)
    --- XVed windows with scroll bars under Motif can now be resized to
        a single line without an error.

Sep 13 (John Gibson)
    --- A new syntax construct XptVal allows efficient accessing and
        updating of multiple widget resources. See REF *XPT_RESOURCE.

Sep 11 (Adrian Howard)
    --- Items in the PUI Help-Tool are now deselected after they have
        been viewed.

Sep 10 (Adrian Howard)
    --- Added a new name key "tree" to LIB *XPT_WIDGETAPPLY which
        returns the widget-tree rooted at the specified widget. See
        REF *XptWidgetApply for more information.

    --- Fixed problems in the PUI and LIB *PROPSHEET which caused
        dialogs to pop-down prematurely.

Sep 04 (Adrian Howard)
    --- The Motif PUI Help-Tool now works correctly when pop_pr_quotes
        is true.
    --- You can now select multiple documentation types and subsystems
        under the Motif PUI Help-Tool.

Sep 03 (Adrian Howard)
    --- The '-do' option to the stand alone "xved" command now works.

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