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HELP WORDCOUNT                                            R. Evans, March 1983

LIB *WORDCOUNT provides a simple word counting facility for text files.
Commands use the following formats:

    lib wordcount;                      /* to make it available */

    wordcount('foo.p') -> <number>      /* these both do the same */
    wordcount("foo") -> <number>

    wordcount(<character repeater>) -> <number>
                                        /* count words from a repeater */

The procedure WORDCOUNT takes one argument which is either a procedure
(assumed to be a character repeater) or a string or word (assumed to be a
filename with the conventions of *DISCIN, i.e. the filename "foo" is
equivalent to 'foo.p'). WORDCOUNT returns one result, the number of words
in the file.

WORDCOUNT is used by VED commands, as follows:

    <ENTER> popwc  - count POP-11  words in current file
    <ENTER> popwcr - count words in marked range

WORDCOUNT uses a simple heuristic to filter out punctuation etc. - see SHOWLIB
WORDCOUNT for details.

See also HELP
    *WC   - for counting words in text within VED
    *PAGE - on simple text-formatting within VED