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HELP WC                                                      Tom Khabaza
                                                         20th March 1985

<ENTER> wc
    --- count the words in the current VED file.

<ENTER> wcmr
    --- count the words in the marked range.

For the purpose of these commands, a word is defined as any string of
characters between, but not including, the character ascii 32 (SPACE)
and ascii 127 (DEL), delimited by any character not within this range,
except that a backspace is not treated as a delimiting character. This
is identical to the UNIX wc command. Thus any sequence of printing
characters, such as 'x+3*$.%^%$[a;+s(d,5)ad' counts as one word, even if
back-spaces are included.

These commands use the VED procedure VEDWORDCOUNT_TEXT, which takes two
arguments, giving the range of lines in the current VED buffer for the
word count to operate on, performs the word count, and puts the result
on the status line. For details SHOWLIB * VEDWORDCOUNT_TEXT.

Similar commands are provided for counting words in POP-11 programs,
because they use a different itemiser; these are

    <ENTER> popwc
    <ENTER> popwcmr

See HELP * WORDCOUNT for details.

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