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HELP WARNING                                JL Cunningham, May 1983

    warning(<string>, <list)
    warning(<culprit1>, <culprit2>, <culpritN>, N, <string>)

This procedure takes the same arguments as MISHAP. It is intended to
merely produce a warning message. If authors of utilities and libraries
all use this procedure for warning messages, then users can re-define
the format of warning messages to suit their own tastes.

At present, the format of the warning message is very similar to that for
MISHAP messages, except that the word WARNING is used in place of MISHAP.

WARNING calls SYSPRMESSAGE to generate the warning message.

-- See Also -----------------------------------------------------------

REF  *MISHAPS      - Details of Poplog error handling
HELP *SYSPRMESSAGE - Prints system messages
HELP *MISHAP       - on POP-11 error procedures
HELP *PRMISHAP     - prints error messages; user-redefinable
HELP *INTERRUPT    - on POP-11 interrupt procedures
HELP *POPFILENAME  - current file
HELP *POPSYSCALL   - controls inclusion in error messages of systems

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