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HELP VEDXGOTOMOUSE                                Aaron Sloman, Nov 1990

LIB * VEDXGOTOMOUSE is a library program which on some X servers, with
some versions of XTerm, makes it possible to have limited control of VED
via the mouse (by contrast with the more sophisticated windowing
abilities provided by XVed).

To load the library, call:


Alternatively, copy the following procedure call into your "vedinit.p"


If it succeeds, LIB VEDXGOTOMOUSE changes the behaviour of mouse buttons
such that when pressed they transmit a sequence of characters, which VED
then interprets depending on which button was pressed, and the location
of the mouse pointer. However, see the Warning below.

The facilities provided are as follows. There are six procedures defined
in the library, which take action in six different contexts, as follows.
The mouse button pressed may be button 1 (left), button 2 (middle) or
button 3 (right), and the mouse may be pointing at either a location on
the status line or a location in a file (possibly the "other" file than
the current one, if two VED windows are on the screen). In these
contexts the actions performed by VED are:

Click mouse button 1:

    In file:        Move text cursor to mouse location

    On status line: Move text cursor to mouse location on status line

Click mouse button 2:

    In file:        move text cursor and mark beginning of range

    On status line: move text cursor and call vedenter

Click mouse button 3:

    In file:        move text cursor and mark end of range

    On status line: move text cursor and call vedredocommand

For each of these possible contexts there is a user-definable procedure,
whose default values are as above. Users can re-define them to perform
additional operations. E.g. it would be possible to associate a menu
with one of the buttons, and to select from the menu by pressing a key.

For details see LIB * VEDXGOTOMOUSE. This gives the default definitions
of the six user-definable procedures, which can be copied and altered as

Warning: If you run vedxgotomouse this will alter the behaviour of the
mouse buttons in the current XTerm window so that the normal XTerm "cut"
and "paste" facilities do not work (because the buttons transmit
characters for VED to use, instead). However they will work if used with
the SHIFT key depressed.

--- C.all/help/vedxgotomouse
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1993. All rights reserved.