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HELP VEDWYSE                                       A. Sloman 3 Sept 1984

This file describes preliminary conversion of VED to drive a WYSE VDU
emulating Televideo 925.


This package is provided for user convenience. It is not supported, and
it may change.

The following assumes 16 function keys, F1 to F16, which transmit
    ESC char
    UNSHIFTED: char = A to P
    SHIFTED:   char = ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ + - = { }

If the function keys are not programmed in this way it is necessary to
program them.

Then there are 6 more keys which don't seem to work yet

        KEY             : FUNCTION
        Char Insert     :
        Char Delete     :
        Line Insert     :
        Line Delete     :
        Line Erase      :
        Page Erase      :

The four Arrow function keys produce small moves in the appropriate
direction. When preceeded by ESC they cause a "window-sized" move up
down left or right.

FUNC key doesn't work

To Enter commands (ie. put cursor on command line, clear command line)

F1 delete character under cursor

SHIFT F1 refresh screen (in case it gets corrupted by messages, etc.)

F2 delete left of line
SHIFT F2 Undo last part-line delete     (e.g. undo F2 F4 F5 SHIFT F5)

F3 delete whole line
SHIFT F3 Undo last line delete

F4 delete right of line

F5 Delete word left of cursor
SHIFT F5 Delete word right of cursor

F6 mark start of range  (make current line first line of range)
F7 mark end of range    (make current line last line of range)

F8 move marked range to after current line
Shift F8 copy marked range after current line

F9 Push Current Position onto position stack. (store cursor position)
F10 Pop Current Position off position stack.
SHIFT F10 Swap Current Position with top of position stack

F11 insert line above current line
F12 insert line below current line

F13 Go to top of file
F14 Go to end of file

F15 move one word left
F16 move one word right

Some sequences beginning with <ESC> key.
ESC w   switch window size (half screen/full screen)
ESC - (hyphen) Redo last command on command line
ESC , (comma) switch status (go on or off command line)

ESC followed by keypad number 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 does a big move (quarter
    of a window) in one of EIGHT directions

ESC up-arrow    go to top of window
ESC down-arrow  go to bottom of window
ESC left-arrow  go to left of text
ESC right-arrow go to right of text

--- C.all/help/vedwyse
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1989. All rights reserved. ----------