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HELP VEDSUN                                      John Williams, Oct 1990

This file explains how to ensure that VED is correctly set up for use
on Sun workstations running the the SunView window manager. If you use X
windows, see HELP * VEDXTERM.

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 -- Shell Tool, or Command Tool
 -- The SunView accelerator keys
 -- Disabling the accelerator keys

-- Shell Tool, or Command Tool -----------------------------------------

VED can be used in a Shell Tool window or a Command Tool window. It is
also possible to run VED outside of any windowing system, directly on
the console.

If you are using a Shell Tool window, some useful information about
manipulating the window and reacting to window size changes is given in

Irrespective of the type of window used, VED will load one of two sets
of key mappings. The first is intended for use when the SunView
accelerator keys are enabled; the latter when they are disabled.

-- The SunView accelerator keys ----------------------------------------

Under SunView, the bottom six lefthand keypad keys (L5 - L10) are not
normally available to VED. Instead, they effect various window handling
operations. These keys are termed the SunView "accelerator" keys.

By default, VED assumes that the accelerator keys are enabled, and it
loads the key mappings depicted in HELP * SUNKEYS_SUNVIEW.

-- Disabling the accelerator keys --------------------------------------

It is possible to disable the accelerator keys, as follows:

    1) Add these lines to the file ~/.defaults

        SunDefaults_Version 2
        /Input/SunView_Keys "No"

    2) Add this line to the file ~/.sunview


    3) Add this line to the file $poplib/vedinit.p

        global vars vednosunviewkeys = true;

If these three steps are carried out, VED will load a different set of
key mappings, which are described in HELP * SUNKEYS.  All the lefthand
keypad keys are used.

[ Note: Item (3) can be done on a site-wide basis, by modifying
  $popsys/vedinit.p instead of $poplib/vedinit.p. ]

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