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HELP VEDCMDTOOL                                  John Williams, Aug 1989

The library LIB * VEDCMDTOOL allows you to run VED in a Sun "cmdtool"
window. VED in a "cmdtool" window uses the same key bindings as VED does
in a Sun "shelltool" window. These are described in HELP * VEDSUN.

To load LIB * VEDCMDTOOL, simply do

    lib vedcmdtool

If you run VED from a "cmdtool" window often, you might want to add the
following code to your 'vedinit.p' file:

    if systranslate('TERM') = 'sun-cmd' then

--- C.all/help/vedcmdtool
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1990. All rights reserved. ----------