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HELP VED_CSHFILE                                  Tom Khabaza April 1984
                                                 udated A.Sloman Aug 1986
<ENTER> cshfile <optional file name>

This VED command creates a file, with name defaulting to "cshfile",
whose associated compiler (the value of POPCOMPILER) is CSH_COMPILE.
When this is invoked it sends input to a process created by invoking

<ENTER> shfile <optional file name>

This is similar except that it uses SH_COMPILE and /bin/sh

Any lines loaded using VED_LMR (load marked range) are sent to the
c-shell or shell as commands. The mechanism may be invoked in 'immediate
mode' using the IMCSH or IMSH command.

See the following HELP files:
            - explain related facilities, INCLUDING BUGS

    * MARK  - on marking a range of lines in VED
    * LMR   - Load marked range