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HELP VED_ALARM                                        A.Sloman June 1991

Allows you to set one or more alarms to go off, while in VED. You can
either specify the absolute time for the alarm to go off, or give a
number of minutes from now. A string to be flashed on the status line
when the alarm goes off can be specified when the alarm is set.

The formats available are:

ENTER alarm
    Tells you whether an alarm is set, and the current time. It only
    mentions the most recently set alarm, if more than one is set.
    If you set more than one alarm and cancel the most recent one this
    will not (at present) tell you about previous ones.

ENTER alarm off
    Cancels the most recently set alarm. If more than one alarm
    has been set, only the most recent one can be cancelled. This is
    intended for correcting typing mistakes.

ENTER alarm <minutes> [<message string>]
    Set the alarm to go off in the specified number of minutes from now.
    The number can be an integer or decimal.

ENTER alarm <time> [<message string>]
    The time is in one of two formats  hh:mm   or   hh:mm:ss
    Sets the alarm to go off at the time.

The optional <message string> can be used to specify the string to
be flashed on the status line. E.g.

    ENTER alarm 5:30  *****GO HOME NOW*****

Examples of the available formats for the first argument are:

        ENTER alarm 12:02
        ENTER alarm 12:02:30
        ENTER alarm 5
        ENTER alarm 1.5

NB: the first two formats are interpreted as times at which the
alarm is to go off.  The third and fourth give the number of minutes
from now before the alarm is required.

Without an argument ENTER alarm shows the current alarm setting.
It only shows the setting of the most recently set alarm.

The procedure vedalarm_action is user definable. It takes a string to be
displayed as its argument. The user can decide how to display it. For
the default version see LIB * VED_ALARM/vedalarm_action

See also:

REF * TIMES/sys_timer



--- C.unix/help/ved_alarm
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1991. All rights reserved. ----------