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HELP TIMEDIFF                                     Aaron Sloman, Mar 1982
                                        Revised: Adrian Howard, Sep 1992

    timediff() -> SECS

This procedure returns the CPU time in seconds since its previous use.
The first time it is called the result is meaningless. Use it before and
after testing the time take for some operation.

The returned value refers to the amount of time spent within POPLOG. It
does not refer to "real" time and is not effected by any other processes
running on your machine

Also see:

    *SYSTIME    --- Returns the CPU time of the current POPLOG session
    *TIME       --- Timing a procedures execution
    *PROFILE    --- Used to find out where work is being done in a

    REF *TIMES  --- Details of POP-11 timing procedures.

--- C.all/help/timediff
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1992. All rights reserved. ----------