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HELP TABIFY                              Mark Rubinstein  January 1986

    tabify(filename, all:boolean);
    ENTER tabify [-all] [-strip]

TABIFY changes a file or ved buffer so that spaces are converted into
tabs.  Often one tab character can take the place of several space
characters which means that the file takes up less disc space.  See
HELP * VEDNOTABS for details on how to ensure you write files with tab
characters in them.

NOTE: both the procedure and the ved command -tabify- assumes a
indentation step corresponding to the value of VEDINDENTSTEP.
That is there is a notional tab stop every VEDINDENTSTEP characters.

--- TABIFY -------------------------------------------------------------

Takes a file name and a boolean argument -all-.  If -all- is false then
only leading tabs and spaces are turned into tabs.  If -all- is true then
all spaces are converted where the conversion would affect two or more

NOTE: On UNIX machines the procedure moves the file into a temporary file
and then writes the converted lines back into the file.  If the procedure
is interrupted then it should restore the original contents of the file.
In all cases the temporary file should be removed.

--- ENTER TABIFY -----------------------------------------------------

Converts characters in the current file buffer, inserting tabs where
necessary.  By default only leading spaces and tabs are converted but if
the argument "-all" is supplied then conversion happens in all cases where
a tab would take the place of two or more spaces.

If the argument "-strip" is supplied, trailing tabs and spaces are stripped
from each line.

The command will always set the variable *VEDNOTABS to be false.

NOTE: For reasons of safety the command copies the vedbuffer and performs
the the conversion on the copy.  This creates more garbage but is safer.
On very large files this can cause a problem. If so, use SHOWLIB TABIFY
to get hold of the program, and remove the call of "copy". Then


--- C.all/help/tabify --------------------------------------------------
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1987. All rights reserved. ----------