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HELP SYSWRITE                                   Revised by Fran Evelyn, July 85

    syswrite(<device>,<string>,<no. of bytes>);
    syswrite(<device>,<byte>,<string>,<no. of bytes>);

SYSWRITE writes a specified number of bytes (stored in <string>) to a
specified <device>. If the second argument is an integer, the write operation
will start at the byte with that address; if this argument is absent, it will
start at byte 1.

If an error occurs while writing to a disk or tape device, the procedure
POP_FILE_WRITE_ERROR is invoked to take appropriate action (for example,
delete the partially-written file).

    REF  *SYSIO     - I/O procedures and further info on POP_FILE_WRITE_ERROR
    HELP *SYSREAD   - reads from a specified device
    HELP *SYSOPEN   - returns a device record for an existing disc file
    HELP *SYSCREATE - creates a disc file and returns a device record for the
    HELP *SYSTRMDEV - tests whether a device record refers to a terminal

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