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HELP SYSPRWARNING                               Steven Hardy, March 1982
                                              Updated J. Meyer, Oct 1990


This procedure is the initial value of the variable PRWARNING (which may
be altered by the user who wishes to change the style of warning
messages). This procedure takes a word as argument, and uses
SYSPRMESSAGE to print a warning message to indicate that the word is
being declared as a variable, e.g.



If the variable POPWARNINGS does not have the value FALSE, then its value is
assumed to be a list, and the newly declared identifier is added to the list.
To suppress this do

    false -> popwarnings;

See also
HELP *SYSPRMESSAGE - prints system messages
HELP *SYSPRMISHAP  - prints out error messages
HELP *POPWARNINGS  - holds the names of automatically-declared variables
HELP *PR           - holds a printing procedure as a value

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