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HELP SYSPR                                            Steven Hardy, March 1982


SYSPR is the default value of the user-assignable variable *PR. It takes a
single argument, which it prints (usually with *SYS_SYSPR). If <item> is a
data structure, then SYSPR does


Users can therefore alter the printing of defined item classes by changing
the procedure CLASS_PRINT. For example:

    recordclass triple first second third;

    define pr_triple(item);
        pr('<triple: ');

    pr_triple -> class_print(datakey(constriple(1,2,3)));

See also
HELP *CLASSES         - on data classes in POP-11, and operations on them
HELP *RECURSIVE_FRONT - used by SYSPR in printing the names of procedures
HELP *SYS_SYSPR       - prints data classes in standard format
HELP *PR              - holds a printing procedure as its value