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[UNIX] HELP SYSPIPE                                 Mark Rubinstein, July 1985.

    syspipe(org) -> din -> dout;

Creates a UNIX pipe and returns input and output device records for it.
Permissible values for ORG are:

    <false>  - This will optimise the device for single character i/o.
    <true>   - This will optimise the device for reads and writes of more
            than one byte at a time.
    "line" or "record" - This will mean that a SYSREAD of N bytes from the
                device will only read up to the next newline character.
                (SYSREAD will return the number of charcters read.)

See REF * SYSIO/Opening for further details.

See also REF * SYSTEM

--- C.unix/help/syspipe
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