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HELP SYS_PROCESSOR_TYPE                Jonathan Laventhol, May 1985.

On occasion it is necessary to know what kind of processor POPLOG is
running on.  There is a list "sys_processor_type" to tell you, in
decreasing order of significance, facts about the processor.

Possible values have forms like

The currently defined possible values of "sys_processor_type" for
versions of Poplog running on different machines and operating systems
is given in REF * sys_processor_type

-- Notes --------------------------------------------------------------

The list is a list in case it becomes useful to subdivide the processors
in the way which operating systems are subdivided. See HELP *SYS_OS_TYPE

The list gives information about the system which the version of POPLOG
you are running was built for.  (It may become possible that you could
run it on a different processor, perhaps a 68030 running a version of
Poplog built for a 68020.)

Our approach to classification is pragmatic.  We will call a "Y" an "X"
if we consider it to be more useful.  Criteria for "usefulness" include:
order code, bus width, addressing space.  Non-criterea include
manufacturer and chip package.

The list consists of words and numbers, as far as is possible.  The words
will be lowercase only.

The first element of the list will not contain information about the
clock speed of the part.  (This may prove difficult, depending on
manufacturers' part numbering schemes.)  Note that the 68000 isn't
"MC68000" as this denotes a manufacturer and other information.  In
general, we will call the processor what people would call it.

Usually, it isn't a good idea to treat processor names as numbers.  If
you are only interested in whether your processor is a '68XXX' type, do
it like this:

    if member(hd(sys_processor_type), [68008 68000 68010 68020]) then


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