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HELP SUSPEND                                      Steven Hardy, March 1982
                                              Updated March 85 - A. Sloman

    suspend(<items on stack>, <number of items>);
    suspend(<items on stack>, <number of items>, <process>);

This procedure, which takes an integer as argument, suspends or 'swaps
out' the current process, and returns from the call of RUNPROC which ran
the process. The given number of items are passed as results from the
current process stack.

The optional final argument is a process. This allows the suspension of
ANY active process, currently in the calling chain. All processes up to
and including that process are suspended in such a way that on running or
resuming the specified process the whole process chain is reactivated, and
control returns from the original call (SUSPEND and RESUME).

For more detail, see REF * PROCESS