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HELP SUBWORD                                               Fran Evelyn, July 85

    subword(<integer1>, <integer2>, <word>) -> subword

SUBWORD takes two integers and a word as argument, and returns a portion of
the word it is given, in the form of a word. The first integer specifies at
which character the 'subword' begins, and the second specifies how many
subsequent characters it should contain. For example:

    subword(2, 4, "syntax") =>
    ** ynta

In this example SUBWORD returns a four-letter word taken from the word SYNTAX,
beginning at the second character and containing four characters.

SUBWORD does not have an updater.

See also HELP
    *SUBSTRING - to perform a similar operation on strings
    *SUBSCRW   - to access individual characters in a word
    *CONSWORD  - creates a word from a string