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HELP SUBSCRW                               Revised: Fran Evelyn Jul 1985
                                         Revised: Adrian Howard May 1992

    subscrw(INT, WORD) -> CHAR

This procedure is used to access individual characters in a word. The
integer INT specifies which character is required, and the result is
returned in the form of the *ASCII code for that character. For example:

    subscrw(1, "zebra") =>
    ** 122

    subscrw(6, "syntax") =>
    ** 120

(122 is the ASCII code for `z`, and 120 the code for `x`).

Since -subscrw- is the -class_apply- of words (see REF *KEYS) the above
could also be written as:

    ** 122

    ** 120

See also:
    *SUBWORD  - creates a smaller 'subword' from a word
    *WORDS    - on constructing words in POP-11
    *CONSWORD - creates a word from a string

For full information on words in POP-11 see REF *WORDS.

--- C.all/help/subscrw
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1992. All rights reserved. ----------