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HELP STOP                                        Mark Rubinstein, August 1985.


The macro -stop- and the VED command <enter> stop suspend the current
Poplog process, returning control to the *SHELL.

On returning to the stopped process (See HELP *SHELL) the screen is
restored.  If VED was active, before the stop, the VED context is
restored afterwards. By default only the current VED window is
displayed, to the size it had before the stop. This means that if you
have a half screen window then you will still be able to see the last
few lines of your shell output on the upper part of the screen.  You can
force VED to restore both windows (if you have two on screen) by
assigning true to -vedstop_refresh_both-.

Note that these two commands are equivalent to typing the 'suspend'
character (usually ctrl Z, ctrl Y or ctrl \) on your keyboard, or raising
the 'TSTP' signal by any other means (see REF *SIGNALS for more

--- C.unix/help/stop
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