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HELP STACK                               Updated: Adrian Howard Mar 1992

For an introduction to the concept of the POP-11 user stack see

Some useful procedure which deal with the stack directly are:

        * CLEARSTACK    --- Clearing the user stack
        * ERASE         --- Erase a single element of the user stack
        * ERASENUM      --- Erase N elements from the user stack
        * STACKLENGTH   --- Return the length of the user stack
        * SUBSCR_STACK  --- Return/update elements of the user stack

Some useful procedures for placing the contents of data-structures onto
the user stack are:

        * DL        --- Place the elements of a list on the stack
        * EXPLODE   --- Put all the elements of a structure on the stack
        * DESTPROCS --- "Destructing" objects onto the stack

Some useful methods for creating data-structures from elements on the
user stack are:

        * FILL      --- "Fill" a structure with elements from the stack
        * PERCENT   --- using [%.... %]  and {% .... %}
        * CONSPROCS --- "Constructing" objects from the stack

For full information on the user stack see REF *STACK.

For information on the call (procedure) stack see REF *PROCEDURE.

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