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HELP SPEAK_FLITE                                  Aaron Sloman July 2009

Allows pop-11 to invoke the flite (speech generator) library

speak_flite(string|word|list of words or strings)

Requires unix/linux program 'flite' to be installed.

define speak_flite(sentence);
    ;;; sentence should be a string or word or list of strings or words.
    ;;; It should  not include quotation marks.
    if islist(sentence) then
        flatten(sentence) -> sentence;

    ;;; get all printing dnow
    ;;; Make sure there is a space in the input to flite
    sysobey('flite "'>< sentence ><' " play');


--- $usepop/pop/help/speak_flite
--- Copyright University of Birmingham 2009. All rights reserved.