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HELP SOURCEFILE                                       A. Sloman Aug 1990

    <ENTER> sourcefile <name>
    <ENTER> sourcefile

Looks through an index of libraries and source files to find a file
where a procedure with name <name> is defined, and shows the source on
the screen. If called without an argument then it uses the word to the
right of the cursor as argument.

The library procedure -popindex- is used to find the possible source
files. If more than one file is found, the user is given the option of
choosing one.

The procedure -vedsrcfiledefaults- is called before the source file is
set on the screen. This procedure is user-assignable.


The default index is built using the command file

    $usepop/pop/com/mkind       (Unix)

    $usepop/pop/com/   (VMS)

--- C.all/help/sourcefile
--- Copyright University of Sussex 1990. All rights reserved. ----------